Post #Brexit: Why It's A Good Idea To Do Your Shopping Online

While the #Brexit aftermath was grim - we were plunged into political and economic uncertainty and the pound dipped to its lowest point since 1985 - retailers and those fond of bagging a bargain may see some light at the end of the end of the tunnel as experts say there will be a boom in online shopping and more value for the customer. According to Glossy, the e-commerce sector and avid online shoppers alike can expect to enjoy the post-Brexit?fallout in the following ways:

Overseas'shoppers will be the first to benefit.?In these first weeks, consumers outside of the UK can literally cash in on the weak pound by stocking up on goods from UK shopping sites by taking advantage of the paying for items in sterling. Many, like fashion retailer Whistles, offer overseas customers the ability to pay in the currency of their choice, including pounds, thus offering you more bargains for your buck. Clothes and accessories are the biggest draws at the moment.

Shopping on your mobile is a great idea.?Mobile shopping should get bigger and better as the weeks roll on. It already accounts for 33 percent of e-commerce sales in the UK (over €20 billion in 2015), according to Glossy and this is likely to grow in the aftermath of Brexit. Devoted shoppers will be more cautious, and they will shop around to find the best price (while on the go) so retailers will have to meet these demands and entice shoppers with better deals and more value for money at the same time. When they do, a surge in sales and happy customers is more than likely.

Your online shopping experience is about to get even better.?Online shopping has taken on a life of its own in recent times. Customers have busy lives, and they want to be able to shop on the go, 24/7; simply inviting them to shop in a'store doesn't hold the sway it once did and we want more options and choice in this regard. To do this, retailers must adapt to our digital times; this means using online and social media to appeal to customers (sites such as Opsh'do this very well). Retailers will have to stand out from the crowd by investing in various social and digital experiences that will enhance your shopping experience and ensure you save and get value for your hard-earned wages at the same time. Happy days ahead indeed.


Go fourth, and merrily fill your digital shopping bags.

Via Glossy

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