These are the five pieces I will be investing in this season

This autumn we are thinking about forever pieces only. Édaein O' Connell takes us through the five pieces she is investing in this season

The way we shop is changing.

The idea of having new items for every occasion is defunct and only buying what we need is becoming common practice. When it comes to investment buys, you must think about the wearability of the item and consider seriously whether you will wear it more than once.

When investing, contemplate your personal style. Investment pieces don't have to be boring and if your flair is present in the purchase you are more likely to pull it off with panache.


Stick to coats, boots, knitwear and trousers and steer clear of trend accessories that only come to cause raucous and have a party.

For me, there are five items on my radar. Each is practical but still represents a part of my fashion makeup. And most importantly, they will go with most of the items that have already taken up space in my wardrobe.

Here they are.

Oversized quilted coat, €175 at Arket

Last winter, puffa and quilted jackets mesmerised the fashion community. Everyone with a fashion bone in their body was wearing one. And when I say I was jealous I mean it. Puffa jackets scare me because as a woman with a hefty chest they tend to add bulk where there is enough padding anyway. However, this oversized quilted coat from Arket may just save me from the green-eyed monster this year. The streamlined silhouette and belt mean this coat will be more forgiving to curves.


UO Vix knee-high brown boots, €139 at Urban Outfitters

By now we all have our 'actual' winter boots. The flat black pair that aren't very visually appealing but their usefulness outweighs any needs for optical stimulation. This winter I want some excitement but within reason. These knee-high brown beauties from Urban Outfitters are my sixties dreams in a shoe. You may think them unpractical but list everything they will complement and I assure you we will be here on this web page for the night.

Faux leather trousers

Monki Wendy flared faux leather trousers, €48.99 at ASOS

Trust me when I say leather will be everywhere this season. From blazers to jackets to shirts, we can't escape it. A faux-leather pant is one of the best ways to enter the trend without looking like you are escaping with a motorcycle gang. This Monki flared pair are currently in my basket and will be one of my most worthwhile investments.

Directional knitwear


Asymmetric neck top, €79 at Arket

While the humble jumper will always have its place, I want some spice in my investment pieces. This asymmetric neck top looks much more expensive than it is. The exposed neckline adds the right amount of sexiness and draws the eye to one of the most flattering points of the body. We want it in every colour.

The good dress

Fitted cut out midi rib dress, €79, & Other Stories

Events may be cancelled and nights out kept to a minimum but investing in a 'good dress' come autumn is a smart move. Whether it's an unexpected dinner date with your partner or a socially distanced family gathering, the good dress will serve you well. There is no other way to describe this & Other Stories green dress than utterly magnificent. A universally favourable colour and elegant fit, this is the type of investment that gives me butterflies.


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