The Perfect Valentine's Gift With Alex And Ani

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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, there's no better way to win the affections of the person you most desire than with a gift from Weir and Sons. The perfect expression of love, this year's Alex And Ani Valentine's collection is a treasure trove of treats. In fact, the only difficulty you'll have here is in choosing your favourite. As for the inspiration behind their Hooked On You offering? "Love. The source of all good things and the most wondrous emotion," explains designer and founder Carolyn Rafaelian. Evoking feelings of affection and romance, this season the much-loved brand has honed in on rose quartz, with its soft, pink hue, as it signifies 'the stone of the heart, promoting self-love and compassion" which are two things we could do with in abundance.


As for what you can expect from this collection? For February 14th, 2016, Alex And?Ani have wrapped their collection around the emotional centre of the human spirit; the heart. "By using the ancient symbol of the arrow, which stands for intention, and the rose quartz, a stone radiating compassion, our collection captures every facet of affection."

Whether you're after an expandable bangle or a gorgeous ring - each piece has been made with love at its core. We don't know about you, but we'll be dropping some major hints in the run-up to the big V, for fear that we might wind up with a lone rose, robbed from a garden, and a half eaten box of chocolates. A surefire hit with those who adore symbolic jewellery, you cannot go wrong with Alex?And?Ani, available in store at Weir & Sons Dundrum and Grafton Street.


Romance heart ring wrap €36 Romance heart ring wrap €36 Available at

So what will you choose? A rose quartz beaded bracelet to promote self-love and a calm heart or a lovestruck arrow wrap that signifies infatuation, wonder and excitement? A romance heart wrap that says what words never could or a 'love set' of three distinct bangles to be worn all together? Whatever piece you opt for, consider your Valentine's Day gifting all wrapped up, in the bag, and ready to go. You're welcome.

Browse the gallery above for the full collection, shop online now right here.


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