It's payday and these are the pieces the IMAGE team have in their baskets

Finally. We've reached the end of the month which, for most of us, means that it it's payday. With the start of the new season, team IMAGE has lots of autumn fashion picks ready to go in their online shopping baskets

The week before payday is always the worst for me when it comes to online shopping. Now I don't actually buy anything — instead, it involves a lot of virtual window-shopping.

It's the kind of shopping where you add everything to your basket that you really want but know you can't afford. Yeah, we all do that, I call this 'ideal world shopping'. As in, an ideal world I would be able to buy everything on my wish-list, but we know that's not really realistic.

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Instead, once payday rolls around, I take a long, hard look at this list and remove anything ridiculously out of my price range (goodbye Acne roll-neck). Then, taking stock of what's left, I choose my payday purchase carefully.

Also, waiting for payday to click 'buy now' means you have some distance from the item and are less likely to impulse buy. If you still want it after waiting a few weeks, it's probably a good buy.

Here are Team IMAGE's payday purchases that they've been eyeing up for weeks, and now it's finally time to splurge.

Hannah Hillyer, Office Manager

autumn fashionLyocell Nylon Belted Dress; €99 at

My own pick this month is this black Arket dress I've been eyeing up for ages. Do I need another black dress? Not really. But this is very different from what I already have (I can feel my mother rolling her eyes from here).

I particularly love the slouchy, sporty look to this dress. With its loose collar, pockets and casual belt, it looks really relaxed and I could see myself wearing it with both white trainers or black heels.



Sophie Teyssier, Social Media Manager

autumn fashion

Sézane Baptisto Trousers; €115 at

I have fallen in love with the Autumn/Winter Sézane collection. I genuinely would wear every single item. The knits, the skirts, accessories and boots are to die for. But these Baptisto trousers are really special — the 'blue women' print has such a Matisse vibe that I just can't say no to. I adore these!

Grace McGettigan, Homepage Editor


autumn fashionNike Black & White Air Force 1 Sage Low Trainers; €106.00 at

I want a pair of these Nike Air Force 1 Sage Lows. Nike has always been a reliable brand for me in terms of comfort and the leather is more durable than other fabrics for the coming season. While I would love a pair in white, I think the black ones will keep better at this time of year.

Erin Lindsay, Deputy Digital Editor

autumn fashionKnitted braided sweater; €49.99 at

I was just coming to terms with a month of beans on toast after spending my wages in the sales, but then I came across this beauty of an autumn knit from Mango, and I think it'll just be the toast on its own. The exaggerated 80s shape paired with the warm tobacco colour makes it the perfect way to wear a neutral that will still stand out.


Laura Kenny, Art Director IMAGE Magazine

autumn fashion
V-10 Extra White and Black; €125 at

I have had my eye on those really cool Veja trainers for quite a while now. They cost around €130, so I’ve been making a plan to fit them into my budget the last few months.

Trainers and a midi dress or skirt is pretty much my work uniform, so I’ll probably live in them. I also love how they look styled with cropped jeans and a blazer. There are a few different colour combos in this design but I’m leaning towards the classic white and black design as it would match with more outfits.

Another reason these trainers are on my radar is I’m trying to be more conscious about the clothes I buy and Veja use organic materials and recycled plastic, so I’d like to think I wouldn’t be disappointing Greta too much.

Ciara Hanrahan, Events & Branded Content Executive


autumn fashionKnit Cardigan with Buttons; €29.95 at

For the last few weeks, I have secretly been wishing for the winter weather. Winter clothes are my absolute favourite and I am obsessed with knits. This cosy cardi from Zara is at the top of my pay day picks.

Corinne Vaughan, Advertising Manager for CARA Magazine

autumn fashion

Studded Animal Print Cut-Out High Heel Ankle Boots; €59.95 at 

It always seems to happen a week before payday, a sacred tradition at this stage, where I find myself scrolling through various online shopping apps in search of treasure to be added to my wish-list - for purchase the following week.

However, the reality of my millennial, 'Feeling Spendy' urge, always takes over. In most cases, the temptation gets the better of me and an item or two, possibly three, is rewarded a golden ticket to be upgraded from wishlist to basket. Before a sensible thought can get a chance to debate its case - A 'Thank you for your purchase' courtesy email flashes up as a notification that sparks instant fear and regrets. This regret is mostly triggered by the thought of the miserable frozen curry, that will now, to my despair, be my main life source for the coming days.


Last week, however, when these boots appealed to my better judgment as I scrolled through the Zara app, I managed to regain some discipline and stored them in my wish-list. I'm now waiting for 'your order has been shipped' notification, guilt-free.


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