Style Guide: 16 looks to wear on day two of a wedding

Have you got an upcoming summer wedding to attend? Us too – and if experience tells us anything, it will likely be a two-day affair. Here we look at 16 outfits for a wedding's Day Two...

Just what you needed: another wedding-related outfit to purchase.

As nuptials are now spanning to two (and even three) day affairs, your 'wedding guest wardrobe' is likely taking on a life of its own. Whether it's a farewell brunch or a boozy BBQ, most invites are now coming with multiple occasions in one; and while 'day two' is usually a more casual affair, the onus is still on us to put a stylish foot forward.

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As Googling "what to wear when hungover and you need to impress distant relatives" probably won't return the search results you need, we've scoured the web to find the very best outfits perfect for the day-after-the-big-day.

From chic culottes and suits (which can be styled differently for future weddings down the line) to slinky slips, here are some stylish outfits that'll make people forget it was you doing barefoot air guitar on the dancefloor 'til 3 am last night.

Fluted Hem Culottes, €41.48 from

Floral Print Crepe Wrap Dress by Alexa Chung, €192 from


Midi Dress, €295 from

Woven Midi Dress by Kain, €127 from

Open Tie Back Midi Dress, €89 from

Call Me Mini Dress by Keepsake, €186 from


Emmie Dress, €193 from

Tortoiseshell Button Jacket (€59.99) and Box Textured Trousers (€25.99) from

Belted Plisse Midi Dress by Ganni, €200 from


Drop Hem Midi Dress by Fashion Union, €52.54 from

Cut Out Jumpsuit, €550 from

Riviera Halterneck Dress, €75 from

Cowl Neck Slip Dress by Fleur Du Mal, €258.85 from


Corset Mini Dress by Zimmermann, €860 from

Asymmetric Top (€39.95) and Straight Trousers (€49.95) from

Intrigue Midi Dress, €176.14 from

Photo: Instagram @Reformation


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