Oscars Countdown: Jennifer Lawrence: Style Evolution

It's hard to believe that Hollywood Golden Girl Jennifer Lawrence is just 25 years old. In honour of her Oscar nomination for Joy, we've decided to take a look at her style evolution over the years in celebration. The last 24 months have been all about J-Law. She's had starring roles in practically every movie franchise going, won (and been nominated for another) Oscar and became Dior's darling, all in a relatively short space of time. Style-wise, she's always fairly on point, even in her early days; she was chic and on trend while always looking entirely like herself, which only adds to her likeable appeal. Her fashion sense has become quite tailored and paired down as her popularity has grown, and these days, you'll, rarely see her in a gown that hasn't been created by the Dior fashion house. Black, white and only splashes of colour features in many of her red carpet ensembles, and remarkably, she's only had a couple of "oh no, she didn't moments" (we're trying to forget about that 'Ariel' Oscar dress). We love Jen for a million reasons, not least because she's not afraid to talk about women's issues, she can fall flat on her face just like the rest of us, and she can work a pixie cut like no one else.

From premieres to guest appearances, she's now nailing her look, earning herself major kudos from the fashion glitterati.


Enjoy the gallery above.

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