Ralph Lauren's new collection: The One Where You Can Dress like Rachel Green

If you're not an eternal fan of Rachel Green's timeless style, look away now — Ralph Lauren has just launched a collection especially for her

Who is your favourite Friends character? Are you the sarcastic one like Chandler? The away-with-the-fairies one like Phoebe? Or the fashion-forward one like gal pal Rachel Green?

Can you guess which one we are?

Rachel has always been a style icon for us at IMAGE, with her breezy 90s girl-next-door style acting as a template for most of our favourite off-duty looks.


Imagine our excitement today, as we discovered that American designer Ralph Lauren (who Rachel famously worked with in the show) is launching a specially dedicated collection for Friends fans around the world.

Image: Ralph Lauren

Teaming up with Bloomingdale's and Warner Bros, the designer brand is celebrating Friends' 25th anniversary, with a gorgeously nostalgic capsule collection.

Featuring pleated mini skirts, leopard jackets, statement suits and even leather pants (Ross fans, make yourselves known), it has everything you need to bring your Rachel obsession up to 21st century standards.

Image: Ralph Lauren

In a statement, the designer said "just as Friends proved to be a perennial series for viewers over the last 25 years, this collection reflects Ralph Lauren's timeless styles and archetypes that have remained a go-to for the modern working woman".

The collection will be launched in Bloomingdale's in New York this week, before becoming available in Bloomingdale's across the US, as well as from Ralph Lauren stores and online.

Could we be more excited?

Featured image: Friends, Warner Bros via YouTube

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