All hail Céline Dion and her fabulous, fashion-infused new music video

Once made world-famous for singing the theme tune to one of the most romantic epics of all time, Céline Dion has come into her own in recent years. As an icon and lover of fashion, the release – and reaction – to her new music video proves that she is finally getting the respect she deserves    

What makes a person a style icon? A person who is unashamedly themselves – and not afraid to show it. Or say it. Or in Céline Dion's case, sing it.

Perhaps this is what makes the singer so refreshing. Her utter inability to be anything but who she is. She has evolved musically as well as stylistically in recent years. Few sing epic ballads as well as she (and they've never left her repertoire for this reason), and few wear couture looking as fashion-forward and chic as she now does.

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She has become one of the best things about fashion week in recent years. Who knew that she and knee-high, haute couture boots were a sartorial match made in heaven?  Remember back in 2017,  how she was the belle of Paris Fashion Week - even gaining the much-coveted Anna Wintour seal of approval?

She approaches fashion with newfound enthusiasm, putting some fun back into it, all pure emotion and applause - and it's what sets her apart from women in the industry half her age. Anyone can wear couture, but few can pull it off with such enjoyment.


This is partically why she trended on Twitter on Thursday night. Releasing a new video for her latest single Imperfections, it's all dramatic body language in billowing sleeves. Or heavenly stripes and oversized polka dots. And who can forget the Cirque du Soleil fashion narrative in glorious black and white? It's all high-fashion and old Hollywood glamour.

And only Céline Dion could pull off something as over the top as this and get away with it.


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Let's have more of Céline Dion and less of Brexit, Trump and anything else that would have us feeling grim.

Watch the video below:

Céline Dion's new album 'Courage' will be released November 21 and she'll play the 3Arena in September 2020. Tickets for her two-day Irish concert go on sale on Friday, October 4th. 

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