I never thought I'd buy a boilersuit, until I found this Topshop dream

As a shopper/fashion fiend, I am rarely enticed to shop in a trend-led way.

I know what works for me and my body shape, and I have an unsurpassable awareness of what suits me. I feel safe in my sartorial choices because it feels 'like me', and I was always told by the fashion god's and guru's that I shouldn't feel anything different. As they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

But sometimes, this can be a hindrance. Not changing anything means life becomes stagnant, and you will never know if things can be better. This existential crisis within myself became apparent when the world went mad for boilersuits – and I could not get on board.

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Jumpsuits, utility suits, playsuits and everything in between were an inconvenience in my mind. Going to the toilet became a struggle and I continuously felt trapped within the restraints of a one-piece. I watched as myriads of women (in reality and on Instagram) wore boiler suits with confidence. It started with Ganni's pink denim one-piece dream, which then flowed down through the cracks onto the high street.


I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never wear one; that I would adhere to my uniform of midi skirts and dresses. Nevertheless, on a chilly February evening, I found myself in a Topshop fitting room; zipping up a denim boilersuit.

And I liked it. A lot.

So, I stuck my Visa card into the chip-and-pin and the deal was done.

What changed my mind and possessed me to purchase this denim dream?

I had made myself paranoid that boilersuits would add unnecessary bulk to my bottom half. And on first impression, this seemed to be the case. This particular one-piece comes with a tie belt, but I swapped it out for a normal cincher, and every notion I had previously, vanished.


I felt instantly more chic and cool than I had ever been. My waist was defined, my silhouette had structure and I felt good. Most importantly, I felt like myself.

The key to purchasing a boilersuit? Go up a size. This gives enough room for manoeuvrer and gives the suit a more relaxed feel. My usual size made me feel like I was dressing like Catwoman – if Catwoman had casual Fridays at work.

I chose heeled boots for some extra height, but a boilersuit will work equally well with trainers. Its versatility is boundless and will work with you, whether the look is dressed up or down.

So, am I a one-piece convert? I think I might be.

I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort and ease that came with wearing a piece such as this. It's a wildcard in my wardrobe; something that couldn't be farther from my personal style but instantaneously feels like me. It's sexy, but also wearable. It's fashion but not elusive.

Based on this experience, I've decided to take more chances when it comes to my style choices. And this is a valuable lesson to learn.


It's the beginning of a beautiful sartorial friendship.

Here are some of my top boiler suit picks that you can shop right now. 

Denim utility boiler suit, €80 at Topshop 

Asos Design denim tailored boiler suit, €58.07 at Asos


Belted workwear boiler suit, €99 at & Other Stories

Wide leg denim boiler jumpsuit, €77 at Warehouse

Pink acid wash boiler suit, €80 at Topshop


Photo: Edaein O'Connell, taken by Sophie Teyssier


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