Net-a-Porter has launched a new sustainability platform

If you love online shopping but feel conflicted at the cost to the planet, Net-a-Porter have come with the perfect remedy, with their new sustainability platform.

Online luxury shopping giant Net-a-Porter has joined the sustainable fashion movement with a new platform dedicated to ethically sourced designer goods. Net Sustain showcases all the sustainable products available on Net-a-Porter in a dedicated Edit, and shines a light on designers that are consistently doing their part in the fight for more sustainable fashion.

The edit only contains pieces that meet at least one of five key attributes that Net-a-Porter have set to recognise sustainable fashion. The factors are based on human, animal and environmental welfare, and align with internationally recognized best practices in the fashion and beauty industries.

They are:

  • Locally made: The brand must have at least 50% of its products manufactured in its own community or country, investing in the local economy and its people.
  • Craft and community: The products showcase exceptional artisnal skills or techniques that adhere to fair trade principles. They fall under certifications including Fairtrade, Fair for Life, The World Fair Trade Organisation, and Fair Trade Certified.
  • Considered materials: The products take a considered approach to sourcing materials and ingredients, falling under certifications such as the Global Organic Textiles Standard, Organic Content Standard, Cotton Made in Africa, and Better Cotton Initiative.
  • Considered processes: The products are made using environmentally conscious processes or technologies, that supports the health of environment, worker and wearer.
  • Reducing waste: The brands make a special focus on waste reduction in their pieces, either using regenerated or upcycled materials, or innovative strategies in packaging. Certifications included in this category include the Global Recycle Standard, Recycled Claim Standard, Cradle to Cradle and more.

Brands such as Stella McCartney and Mother of Pearl have been featured in the edit, with each piece marked as falling under one or more of the five Net Sustain categories. We've already set our sights on some of the Mara Hoffman and Stine Goya pieces, and can't wait to watch as more get added to the platform.

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The IMAGE Edit: Net Sustain

Mara Hoffman Fiona printed organic linen maxi dress, made using Considered Materials — €410



Veja 3-Lock Logo rubber-trimmed leather sneakers, made using Considered Materials and Processes — €110


Nannacay Bianca tasselled striped crocheted cotton-blend tote, supporting Craft and Community — €130


Mother of Pearl and BBC Earth Millie asymmetric polka-dot organic silk dress, made using Considered Materials — €1,159



Stine Goya Florence sequin-embellished gingham organic hemp and silk-blend blazer, made using Considered Materials and Reduced Waste — €1,035, coming soon to Net-a-Porter


Leigh Miller Nautilus gold-plated glass earrings, Locally Made — €278



Maggie Marilyn Take a Bite belted ruffled silk maxi dress, Locally Made and created using Considered Processes  — €435


Fisch Select leopard-print swimsuit, using Reduced Waste — €220



Mara Hoffman Atticus Tencel and linen-blend jacket, made using Considered Materials — €445



Stine Goya Evelina sequined printed hemp and silk-blend satin mini dress, made using Considered Materials and Reduces Waste — €2,759

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