Natalie Portman And Karlie Kloss Wow At Toronto International Film Festival

The Toronto International Film Festival is one of the most important in the cinematic calendar. After all the red carpeting of Cannes and the get-rid-of-it release dump of August, it marks the beginning of proper Oscar prediction season. Yes, we're already focusing on that. You think Christmas is a shadow on the horizon. Please, we practically done with planning festive season content.

So far, TIFF, as it is acronymed, has seen the premieres of?Demolition,?a drama with?Jake Gyllenhaal struggling in his recently-widowed life, and A Tale of Love and Darkness,?Natalie Portman's'debut as writer and director.


The festivals various carpets has seen appearances from Sarah Gadon, who stunned in Belle, Naomi Watts and everyone's favourite NYU-attending supermodel Karlie Kloss, whose patent heeled boots are next month's pay cheque goal.

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