The top ten pieces you'll love on Zara this week

If there's one thing our fashion readers love, it's Zara. As a regular online shopper, a serious Zara advocate and a self-proclaimed brand ambassador, I’ve taken on the responsibility of sussing out the high-street retailer’s current gems.

Whether or not you’re a fan of fast fashion, Zara has an uncanny ability to produce some seriously cool products at a price you can’t ignore. The brand is most women's biggest weakness, and I'll throw my hands up and say, I am absolutely one of those people. Hey, I'll pick and choose my battles. There's always that key piece you just n.e.e.d, you know? But this week, I found ten! I can already hear my overused debit card having a good cry. The Spanish brand's messy rails and heavy crowds are inevitable, but so is cold-weather; and isn’t cosy dressing really what Zara does best? Let's be honest, the chaos is worth it. From rustic knits, heavy-duty corduroy and velvet blazers, it’s rare I’ll escape the store (or my digital shopping cart!) without spending all my money.

If you’re preparing for party season already, (Christmas is next month, after all) and you’re building up your Zara must-haves, don’t waste your time scrolling through endless online pages or fighting through Zara’s less than glamorous in-store experience, because I've done it for you. From snakeskin puffer jackets, sequinned suits, and dark ruffled jumpsuits, you'll be a street style queen and party showstopper quicker than you can say Christmas. So which one (or three) will you be buying? I have all ten in my digital cart; and yes, I'm already caving while writing this. My debit card is now screaming, oops. Happy shopping!

Leopard print faux fur vest, €59.95

Shimmery palazzo trousers, €49.95


Leopard print jumpsuit, €79.95

Contrast geometric print dress, €49.95

Printed velvet jacket, €129

Bow blouse, €49.95

Pleated check skirt, €49.95

Snakeskin print puffer, €59.95

Chain print dress, €49.95

Checked double-breasted coat, €129

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