Miles Aldridge for Rizzoli

Those well acquainted with the acid-coloured, rose-tinted world of fashion photographer Miles Aldridge will be delighted to hear that publishing powerhouse Rizzoli have finally released the first major monograph by the Vogue snapper.


I Only Want You to Love Me (Rizzoli)?is full of perfect women in an impossibly glossy, but still imperfect world. These women have reached the peak of luxury - and they're bored with it.? Aldridge somehow manages to create whole worlds in his pictures, full of the finest wines, the best filet mignon and a football team (literally) of super-cute kids.



Hyper-saturated and surreal, the highlights of the book include a series of photos of Cara Delevingne down the local pub, looking incredibly glossy and resentful while the old wino sitting next to her slumps over his tobacco and Rizlas, lit by the twinkle of a fruit machine. I Only Want You to Love Me also features exclusive, hand-drawn preparatory sketches by Aldridge, and is presented as a hefty yet beautiful coffee table book tome.

Sarah Waldron @thelicentiate?is ordering her copy here

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