Meet the Irish designers bringing street style to the lockdown

Three Irish designers find ways to confront the current global crisis by getting retro, looking forward to good times ahead or simply making the best of a bad situation. What they all have in common though is some street style we'd love to be wearing once we're back out and about again

My leggings have been washed so frequently over the last month that some time, very soon, they’re going to come out of the machine as threads. Stuck indoors, with no one to see and nowhere to go, we’ve all regressed into our most basic selves.

Those nice boots that pinch a bit but look great are gathering dust in the wardrobe, while jeans are now part of our pre-Covid past. 

But there are a few Irish designers who have refused to let go of fashion and are instead reminding us of what life was like and what it will be like with their latest collections.


Fun in the Sun 

Bloodsucker tee, from €35

Inspired by all the fun in the sun we could be having during this run of fine weather, designer Mel Keane and the team at Hen’s Teeth have created a collection of t-shirts, totes and buttons that remind them of idyllic Irish summers gone by. They’ve got a seriously retro vibe running through them and it reminds us of being a 1990s baby running around in bright cycling shorts and over-sized graphic tees... Oh no wait, that was last month.

Anyway, everything went up for preorder last Friday and they’ll be shipping everything in a few weeks' time. Prices start from €10.


Tiocfaidh Ár Sesh


Created by James Kavangh, all proceeds from this sweaters and totes collection will go towards Inner City Helping Homeless and the National Campaign for the Arts. They’re designed to remind us all, as James put it in his announcement, “that better days ARE coming, our fun will return, your family and friends will be back in your life".

A play on the Irish Republican phrase “tiocfaigh ár lá”, which means our day will come, Jame’s design translates as our sesh will come. It’s a fun way to remember that good times will arrive and a great way to help out two charities in need during this strange time.


Large And In Charge

And finally, Large and In Charge clothing company, run by Galway-based PR guru Lisa Regan, is tackling social distancing in a new way. Originally launched as a response to so many American slogan t-shirts, Large & In Charge decided to bring a bit more Irishness to things, including jumpers with slogans that read “The Boom is Back Lads!” and “Aah Shtop”. 

Now, she’s got a Covid collection, capturing Irish attitudes to the lockdown while encouraging social distancing. Get yourself a jumper with “Go way from round me” or “As per gov guidelines” to give everyone something to grin about. You won't find them on their website but if you want one just email your order in with your chosen slogan.


Featured image: Hen's Teeth

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