Meet the glitterati: Claire-Laurence Mestrallet

It’s a glamorous business that takes drive and determination to succeed in. In an exclusive three-part series, three successful women tell Marie Kelly why they made their love of jewellery their business. First is Senior Jewellery Specialist at Adam's, Claire-Laurence Mestrallet.

Claire-Laurence Mestrallet Senior Jewellery Specialist, Adam's I knew I wanted to work in the auction world before wanting to pursue a career in jewellery. I interned at Christie’s in New York while at college, and after I graduated, they offered me a position in the jewellery department in Geneva as PA to the head of jewellery. I realised very quickly that I wanted to remain in jewellery, so I enrolled at the GIA

(Gemological Institute of America) to do my gemology diploma. I think people are finally realising that auctions are the best places to buy jewellery at reasonable prices. I have certain customers who will come to all of my auctions; we’ve built really trustworthy and honest relationships.
Photographed by Doreen Kilfeather


Photographed by Doreen Kilfeather

I try to bring a more continental flavour to the jewellery auctions at Adam’s, with an exciting mix of antique and contemporary pieces, as well as new items created by contemporary designers who will design especially for the auction market. Jewellery trends tend to differ in Ireland compared with the rest of the continent. Irish women are very attached to classic items, such as cluster rings and diamond three-stone rings, but they are more experimental with necklaces and earrings. Everything I wear is sentimental to me. Around my neck is a pear-shaped diamond pendant on a white gold chain [not visible], which was the first present my father gave to my mother on their first date.

This article first appeared in the November issue of IMAGE Magazine.

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