What I Love About Sienna Miller's Style

Sienna Miller?was once the poster girl for boho chic but repositioned herself as a modern glamour icon a few years ago when she appeared on Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show wearing a striped Celine dress and sporting a chic new choppy bob. The flower girl?had metamorphosed into a?woman of the world, and one we all wanted to look like.?Clothes aside, what a difference a haircut makes? Victoria Beckham's tousled chop earlier this year had much the same impact as Miller's - before that, we wanted Beckham's?clothes certainly, but with her messy new modern "do", we suddenly wanted to?be her.

What I love most about Miller is that she's not afraid to look dishevelled. The same could be said of Kate Moss, but for me, she veers?a little too far towards grubby. Beckham, of course, doesn't do "undone" in any way, shape or form, although perhaps this will be the next stage in her stunning sartorial evolution. Imagine Queen Victoria with unwashed?hair scraped back in a bun? Miller, on the other hand, is really comfortable looking a little messed-up, a touch?thrown together, a bit "just out of bed".

Sienna Miller at the Labyrinth Theater Company's Celebrity Charades Gala in New York in September.

But she rocks a statement red lip better than anyone, and often when you'd least expect it. Many women would have paired the stunning?blue and nude?creation Miller is?wearing below with a predictable neutral?or blush pink lip, but Miller punctuated the outfit beautifully?with a vibrant red pout and red nails.


Sienna Miller at the Harper's Bazaar Women of the Year Awards in London last year.

Miller has modern glamour down pat. Of all her outfits, this black cut-out dress, below, is one of my favourites. It reveals just enough, but not too much. The asymmetric cut of the top half feels really fresh, while the full skirt balances out the nudity of the cut-away detailing perfectly. But what I really like is that Miller?wore?the dress?with a pair of black lace-up brogues.?She didn't fall for?the?obvious high heel option. She made the piece entirely hers by embracing?her own brand of contemporary chic - boyish shoes with a sexy dress.

Sienna Miller at the Ralph Lauren AW16 show in New York this year.

She also?knows how to add theatre to her red carpet look without appearing?in any way costumy. This sheer, star-print dress and embellished cloak have a Gothic undertone, but Miller kept it'measured by opting for minimal accessories and avoiding any Wuthering Heights-style windswept hair, instead pulling her blonde bed hair?right back from her face in two chic braids.

Sienna Miller at the Cannes Film Festival last year.

While boho used to be her style uniform, Miller doesn't nail her colours to one sartorial mast anymore, so to speak. While Moss always falls back?on her skinnies and Beckham relies on loose-fitting white shirts, Miller is more of a fashion chameleon, working battered jeans, leather trousers and cropped pants with equal ease on her downtime.

I enjoy?how versatile her style is. Most of us settle into a comfortable but chic day-to-day fashion?uniform eventually, yet?Miller'still enjoys the experimental, but without ever looking cartoonish.?Even when she takes Balmain, Gucci or Prada off the catwalk, she gives the statement piece her own unique twist and?you soon forget you saw it anywhere else but on Miller, on that night.

She's not above wearing the same piece more than once either. The exquisite Pierre Hardy sandals she wore with that striped Celine dress have adorned her feet on many occasions. At least there's a hint of reality to her mostly red-carpet life.

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