Louboutin Launches Nudes

We've always had a hard time finding the right nude shoe, yet we're told, time and time again, that no wardrobe is complete without the perfect pair of nudes. Kate Middleton would certainly be lost without her L.K Bennetts, she's almost never without them. Where nudes fall down, however, is that they're always a bit bland a bit too beige. For fair Irish women, this does little to warm up our complement our skin tones, and unless we've doused ourselves in fake tan, we're left looking ever so slightly blue. And what about the women who've got more sallow, honey-coloured skin? ?Or black skin? A pale creamy beige shoe just won't work.

Tapping into this gap in the market, thankfully, comes the Godfather of shoes: Christian Louboutin. The fashion favourite has come across with five gorgeous options to suit our varying needs when it comes to nudes. From 'Fair Blush' to 'Rich Chestnut', you'll more than likely find your match. There's still more to come, as per The Cut. Louboutin himself has said: "There are two colors that I'm missing the range of in the middle. In the next year, we will be at seven total skin tones."

Shiona Turini, Nina Garcia, and Jane Keltner deValle were elected as ambassadors for the new range, demonstrating the need for some nude diversity. Turini herself commented: "The shade of your very own skin never goes out of style." How right she is.

Of course, Louboutins aren't something you pick up on a rainy Tuesday after work (or maybe you do?). They're something you save up your pennies for so that your tootsies can one day enjoy every moment of pleasure in those red-soled wonders.


Christian Louboutin

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