Lena Dunham Mixes Fashion And Politics In & Other Stories Ad

Women around the world woke up this morning to the news that Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon won all but three seats in Scotland after a British election that saw uninspiring men bore the heck out of our newsfeeds. While the election outcome predicts a Tory government, with promises to reconsider the UK's EU membership and fears for the NHS, Sturgeon's victory is one for any woman who has watched the evening news and thought ?I can definitely do a better job than that man in a suit.?

(If you do have any political ambitions might we recommend taking a look at Irish organisation Women for Election? This amazing crew runs training days for women who want to enter public life and make some changes in society.)

We're already living in a world where Hillary Clinton's bid for US presidency is an actually happening thing, so it's great to see that women gunning for positions of power isn't just for outliers.

Lena Dunham's latest directorial effort harnesses this political energy for a short ad for & Other Stories upcoming co-lab collection with Rachel Antonoff. Vote Audrey stars Zoe Kazan as a young woman who dreams of being president. Audrey stomps the pavements of her not very receptive neighbourhood while wearing a serious and stylish pants suit. Audrey's canvassing isn't met with open arms, but this negativity only spurs her ambition as Dunham takes us inside Audrey's daydreams.

It's oh-so-fun and shows Audrey loving her life at the White House. While rocking a great & Other Stories wardrobe. As Audrey tells a news anchor an imaginary ?Girls can do anything.?


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