Lana Del Rey and Jared Leto team up for stunning new Gucci campaign

What do you get when you cross an Oscar-winning actor/ rock band leading man with a glamorous Hollywood singer? A sumptuous new Gucci campaign, of course. Actor and musician Jared Leto and singer Lana Del Rey have teamed up to become the new faces of Gucci for their fragrance Guilty. A new advertisement, released earlier this week, shows the pair as the epitome of Hollywood glamour — even in the most unlikely of places.

Del Rey, complete with beehive hair and 60's eyeliner, lounges on a motel bed and does laundry in some of 2019's freshest trends. Her Kelly-green jumpsuit with a Gucci emblem belt has already been spotted on Instagram's fashion elites (Emili Sindlev, among others), while her bedazzled hair clips are absolutely on the button for winter micro-trends. Leto is dressed impeccably in a fuschia blazer (complete with blooming pocket square) and of course, the iconic Gucci loafers to round off the look.

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Del Rey and Leto make their way through suburban Hollywood in the 1-minute video, hitting up laundromats, supermarkets and diners, but they're not the only unlikely visitors to the everyday locations. Wildlife roam the streets alongside, including ostriches, tigers and owls, and there is even a bonus celebrity appearance; grunge legend Courtney Love dons a waitress get-up to serve coffee to the couple in a diner booth.

If Gucci aimed to create the ultimate soft-focus, old-Hollywood dream sequence, they've done it with this video. Del Rey and Leto are well-known as two of the industry's quirkiest, but most fashionably interesting characters, and they make the perfect leads for Gucci's mini-feature.


Check out the video for yourself below. Both Guilty fragrances are available now.


Featured image: Gucci

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