Knits With an Acid Twist

Here's a squeamish fashion fact - in the olden days natural dyes for textiles such as wool used urine to bind the colour. Apparently the ammonia in stale urine was really good for lifting those dull beiges and whites into the rainbow. We're pretty sure science has advanced in recent years so don't be reaching for the hand cleanser straightaway. Instead, why not have a gander at some of our favourite colourful, and modern, knits in the shops.

We're feeling this?green cricket jumper from Henry Holland, even if we're a bit on the green-as-in-na've side when it comes to the particulars of the sport.

Penneys, graphic, and for only €19? Yes, please.


Personal life goal - own?a Bella Freud jumper. Second personal life goal - find €270.

H&M are your high-street go-to for reliable winter wear and their jumper selection is second to none when it comes to embracing the quirk.?This Jacquard-knit (?39.99) is one of our top budget picks.

We're also feeling this entire look. Statement everything.


Get that London cool before everyone else does ??Katie Jones is a young London designer with some of her crazy Granny chic available in?Marion Cuddy this season.

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