Keep Cosy: These Gorgeous New Sweaters Will Do The Job

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We can barely move these days it's that cold out. And is there anything worse than realising that you've left the house in a frantic rush in a layer far too thin for battling the elements? Oh, and did we mention we hate the cold? You get the picture. But with the right cosy sweatshirt or jumper, you'll (almost) forget about it, and the place to get yours is The Sweater Shop. With seven stores across Dublin, Galway, Kilkenny and Killarney, this Irish business has all you need to keep out the cold during the long winter months.

Quality Irish Knitwear

Specialising in Irish Aran sweaters for women, men and children - they have more recently expanded into stocking a range of fine merino wool and cashmere sweaters.

And better still, their Sweater Shop on Nassau Street has launched their new AW collection. With gorgeous new colours, designs and an array of stylish merino wool and cashmere sweaters, there is certainly something to suit everyone’s knitwear tastes and budget this season.

Their pieces are either 100% soft Merino wool or blends of Merino wool and cashmere, so not only do they look great, the sweaters are super soft and cosy to wear. And they do more than just warm your bones, they are stylish too; Aran sweaters are still very much prominent. They were seen on the Catwalks for AW as a key staple hence the demand for good quality knitwear is higher than ever.


Invest In Staple Pieces

And it's about investing in these staple pieces; so many would rather fill their wardrobes with classic pieces and solid basics, and The Sweater Shop's pieces offer you that with a high emphasis on quality. More and more customers are interested in natural fibres due to the longevity of the sweater. So, while you can buy a synthetic imitation of an Aran sweater on the high street, for example, the quality will fade over time and as you wash. While their 100% merino wool sweaters will last you a lifetime. And for those who don't know, merino wool naturally assists the regulation of your body temperature, so it helps you stay warm when the weather is cold and cool when the weather is hot so it’s the perfect all-year-round addition to your wardrobe as well as the bitter winter weather we currently have.

So, as you finish up the Christmas shopping, why not grab one as a gift or, for yourself as you look to lounge by the fire over the festive break?

They offer free delivery to any location in Ireland, see for details and visit for for international delivery queries.

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