Kate Upton Hilariously Highlights The Contrast Of Fashion Shoots Versus Reality

Kate Upton doesn't follow the standard'supermodel rulebook. Fashion insiders told her to conform to industry ideals, lose weight and have a breast reduction but the curvaceous'model rightly refused and from Sports Illustrated to Vogue, Upton smashed the size zero mould that's dominated the industry aesthetic for almost two decades.?Industry success hasn't changed the 23-year-old; she remains as affable as ever, only too happy to show her devoted social media followers the misconceptions of a life seemingly immersed in glamour and high-fashion.

Following the words of actress Emma Watson who said even she couldn't live up the altered, unattainable image of herself fronting magazine covers, the model is here to remind us how hilariously removed from reality the fashion world can so often be.

Upton has (unofficially) started a series on her Instagram she calls 'high fashion v. reality.' Pulling from a recent V Magazine spread shot by Sebastian Faena, the model re-creates the real-life scenarios she enacted on set, like lounging in bed with her dog and cleaning her house. Naturally, she looks painstakingly perfect for the fashion shoot but in real life, she would look vastly different and goes to particular lengths to show us this.

Reality vs high fashion @vmagazine

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To start, there's a shot of her lounging around an incredibly tidy room in an Armani and Burberry ensemble. Yes, because that really happens in life.?Well, Upton juxtaposes this image with a more realistic shot of how exactly she gets a room that clean while wearing little make-up and sneakers with the laces untied.

#hoodielife Reality vs High Fashion @vmagazine

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As for the above hoodie wearing: who has ever looked as glamourous as the snap on the right? That's right, no one (asides from Upton, obviously).

In bed with Harley... High fashion vs reality #highfashion #reality #vmagazine @vmagazine

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Her preferred method?of hanging out with her beloved pooch is vastly different from the shoot and involves plenty of puppy cuddling.


High fashion vs reality #gymlife @wmag #highfashion #reality

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And finally, Upton is all of us going to the gym, bare-faced?to boot.

It's undoubtedly refreshing to see Upton getting real about the large discrepancy between fashion fantasy and everyday reality. Her actions follow a number of celebrities who have taken a stance against airbrushing, deciding that they want their real selves fronting covers without the use of a blurring tool.

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