June Fashion Shoot

The mag is on the shelves and here are the behind the scenes shots from our fashion shoot

It's a funny thing how everyone thinks producing a fashion shoot is all about glamour, beautiful clothes, and even more beautiful models. Sure, the end result is polished and pretty, but it takes a lot of hard graft to get to the finish line.

It took 12 crew, 12 hours to shoot the story; six cars to drive to Fairyhouse Market; with 10 boxes of shoes and accessories; 3 rails choc-full of summer designer pieces; one photographer to fly in from Paris, and one model from London; a very, very early start in the morning; 25 cups of (very hot) tea and coffee; quite a few cakes; a lot of banter with the local market stall holders (don't even mention the market-goers); a lot of warm layers for the freezing temperatures and biting winds; and two weeks of post-production. And you thought fashion shoots were all glamour. The end result? A damn fine cover and a pretty cool 10-page Editorial in the June issue of IMAGE. Here's how we did it:


Sive O'Brien, Fashion Editor @siveob

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