Melissa Curry Póg collection now available on Aer Lingus in-flight shopping

Looking for a special gift this summer? Melissa Curry's Póg bracelet, in collaboration with Aer Lingus and mental health charity Jigsaw, is an ideal present for someone special.

Sligo-born jewellery designer Melissa Curry has launched an innovative new piece that is likely to touch the hearts of men, women and children alike.

Póg, meaning kiss in Irish, is a new collection of bracelets designed by Melissa in collaboration with Aer Lingus and mental health charity Jigsaw and will be available to buy on all Aer Lingus flights from Thursday, August 1.


The bracelet is made from sterling silver and comes in a range of colours (Aer Lingus has chosen red). Made with sustainable materials and presented in biodegradable packaging, the Póg bracelet is a statement of sentiment and care for the planet, as well as the individual you gift it to.

The Póg is an ideal alternative to a traditional Claddagh ring. It celebrates the Irish connection and love in all its forms and seeks to connect the imagination and the magic of Irish culture and our diverse population. How you wear your Póg is up to you; wear it upright and it signifies you are open to love.

Wear the X symbol on the underside upright and it signifies you're up for a kiss. The Póg is a beautiful piece to wear, but it brings a sense of fun and charm to its wearer too.

Melissa has always been incredibly conscious of her brand's ethos, and she is an advocate of mental health, so for every Póg sold, €1 will be donated to Jigsaw Mental Health, a charity in Ireland focusing on the wellbeing of young people around the country.

Jigsaw's director of communications and fundraising Mike Mansfield says, "Purchase a Melissa Curry Póg product in-flight with Aer Lingus and help Jigsaw achieve our vision of an Ireland where every young person's mental health is valued and supported."

What better incentive to buy one of these gorgeous pieces that you'll treasure forever.


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