Ivanka Trump Is Stepping Away From Her Fashion Label

In one way we're not entirely surprised, but?it seems like she let the post-election dust settle before admitting her own defeat in the fashion world.

A press release by Ivanka's people said that she is distancing herself from the?eponymous label because "the company's mission is not political? it never was and it never will be"; which kind of translates to us as 'daddy issues'.

What's more, Vanity Fair have reported that Ivanka is also leaving her executive?position in the Trump Organisation to move to The White House in the coming weeks to work in The White House in her father's administration.

But something still smells a little fishy, especially considering this CNBC tweet reporting that she doesn't have a job to go to in the White House..



The successful model-turned-business-woman has had to fight hard to stabilise her retail venture; particularly during the election process when the brand was badly tarnished. Naturally, many women were ?extremely? or 'very? willing to opt out of her label once the Trump sexual assault scandals started to appear."


The label has obviously suffered as a result, even though?net sales of Ivanka Trump clothing were up $11.8 million during the first six months of 2016 compared to the first six months of 2015. It's reported that the company reportedly generated $100 million in revenue last year.

Politics aside, the label itself is not terrible (albeit a few international lawsuits here and there) and she successfully dipped into?the professional business?woman niche with her #WomenWhoWork tag; gaining devoted followers around the world.

It's a little unclear what Ivanka Trump will actually do in the future, but we expect to see her political career being slightly more lucrative than her fashion one.


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