Is Beyonc? Vogue's September Issue Cover Star?

Beyonc? was one of the Met Gala's most-talked about red carpet attendees,?Has Anna Wintour decided to give the Flawless singer the ultimate endorsement on the cover of the September issue?

The Vogue September issue is one of the most coveted magazine covers in the world; The September issue is so iconic it spawned a gripping documentary and fans can even order it on Amazon this year. Hence, the woman on the cover has to be of-the-moment zeitgeist, as well as a guaranteed fashion favourite. Enter stage left Beyonc?. Allegedly.

The singer and concept's cover, which has yet to be confirmed, was published online early this morning on Twitter by fan account Beyonc? Legion. The cover line reads, ?Just B, Beyonc? and the art of global domination.?


For her third US Vogue cover, Beyonc? is wearing Marc Jacobs. She's the third African-American woman to appear on the cover solo fo the iconic issue. Halle Berry was on cover girl duties in 2010 and Naomi Campbell in 1999. Last year Joan Smalls featured on the cover with Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne, in a feature on the ?Instagirls?, the new generation of models dominating social media.

Last year's issue was over 600 pages, with the supposed cover promising 832. You'll need a very strong paper bag from the newsagents for this one. Do you like the cover?


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