Irish Men Spend More Than Women

To 'social media proof' their wardrobes...

If you were ever in doubt about the power of social media, this ought to clear things up. TK Maxx reveals that Irish adults spend €14 million to 'social media proof' their wardrobe with quality finds. €14 MILLION. What's more, one in 10 Irish adults admit that they would flat out refuse to wear an outfit again if they knew there was a chance of appearing in the same outfit online.

This. Is. Insane. Are we really so concerned with how we appear on social media? Do we really think that other people are noticing that we've been tagged in the same outfit from two different occasions? And if that's the case, why are we so afraid to wear the same outfit twice? What does it mean if we do? If we are self-absorbed enough to social media proof our wardrobes to this extent, chances are, nobody's paying attention to anyone other than themselves as well. 17% of Irish adults admitted they are concerned by multi-tagging and buy new clothes just to avoid this.

Another interesting finding was that men spend more than women. The average amount of money an Irish man spends on new clothing to avoid being tagged in the same outfit on social media is €95.83 - yet Irish women spend just €63.60 in comparison.

Who knew the men of Ireland were so concerned with not only their ensembles, but the digital representation of said ensembles? It seems we had grossly under-estimated their appetite for social media worthy style.


Though this sounds rather worrying and like we all need to just calm down, it is positive to learn that social media can open us up to a world of inspiration. One in five (20%) adults are using social media as the main source of wardrobe inspiration while receiving comments and likes for their outfit posts on social media inspires almost two in five Irish adults (19%) to try new styles.

Do you use Instagram as an online forum in which you can play dress-up?

Darren Kennedy, Ireland's leading stylist, TV presenter, writer and fashion blogger commented: As a fashion blogger and stylist I see first-hand how social media influences and helps Irish men and women discover, embrace and experiment with their unique sense of style. TK Maxx offers shoppers an affordable way to experiment and try on new items to express their individuality by always offering up to 60% off the recommended retail price. With 20 TK Maxx stores across the country, it is the perfect place to find high-quality brands and designer items to help make Irish people feel more unique and more ?them?.


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