Irish Design School Given The Vogue Seal Of Approval

The Limerick school of Art and Design?(LSAD) got the Vogue seal of approval this week after being picked up by the prestigious Vogue Italia. The low-key school, founded in 1852, has been ranked within the top 50 fashion and design schools in the world along with famed schools Central Saint Martens in London and Parsons in New York.

Speaking to Vogue Italia, Head of Fashion at LIT, Anne Melinn, said the students in Limerick are paving the way for innovation in creativity:

"Our students are creators and producers. This course is based on the reality of the fashion industry, with strict deadlines and multi-tasking assignments. Their creations are then exposed to the Graduate Fashion Week in London to give the student the opportunity to promote their hard work,? she said.

LSAD prides itself on nurturing and training talented creatives who aim to excel in their fields professionally on a local and global stage.?The college currently offers BA programmes in animation and motion design, ceramics, fashion, visual communications, fine art, painting, printmaking and contemporary practices, sculpture and combines media, and photography, among many other options. The school also caters for Masters and Ph.D. students. Former graduates include?Joanne Hynes, Kevin Finn, Karen Morgan, Natalie B. Coleman, and Danielle Romeril.


Collar by Joanne Hynes Collar by Joanne Hynes

Shirt by Natalie B. Coleman Shirt by Natalie B. Coleman

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