The IMAGE staff show us the key pieces from their wardrobes

Do you have that piece?

The one item in your wardrobe that, time and time again, you gravitate towards. It's dependable. It's forever a classic. And it's you.

In a world defined by fast fashion and the next "it" thing, staying true to yourself and your aesthetic can be groundbreaking. We all have individual styles and taste, and that personal touch in each outfit is a story of you.

We use clothes as armour. They can make or break us. They make us feel confident when we feel insecure, they comfort us through times of change and as we evolve, they do too.

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The thing with these pieces is there is a story behind each and every one. There is a reason why you wear them. For example, I can't be parted from my midi skirt and dresses because the feminine silhouette makes me feel invincible.

Or maybe the piece holds a special meaning to you; maybe it reminds you of a particular time or place in your life. Maybe it's vintage, and you endeavour to imagine the places it has seen and the secrets it holds. Maybe your life is changing, or your body, and your fashion choices have had to alter along with it.

So we decided to ask IMAGE staffers to show us their key piece — the one they can't go without. Even though they may experiment and stray off course every now and again, their heart lies with their sartorial speciality.

Sarah Murphy, Events Manager

"I love all midi dresses and skirts, for both work and play at the weekend. It's the easiest thing to dress up and dress down and also feel comfortable all at the same time. Generally, I would wear them simply with a pair of fancy runners and a top knot (my go-to) but a few minor adjustments and I'm good for a night on the town. I just add a belt, quick shoe change or a pair of earrings, fluff up the hair and I'm good to go. I picked this Mango dress as my key piece on this occasion simply because blue is one of my favourite colours."


Dominique McMullan, Digital Editor

"The key piece in my wardrobe has always been a classic white shirt. Someone whose style I admired told me years ago to always invest in a few, quality white shirts and the advice has seen me through many a style rut. There is something about a clean, crisp white shirt that says laid back and casual, whilst still smart. And the reflection of the white fabric against your skin is always going to flatter. Thing is, a white shirt comes in so many styles and designs. There is always a white shirt perfect for the occasion. Over the years, I have owned white shirts that tie at the waist and paired them with high waisted jeans; white shirts with oversized billowing sleeves; white shirts in light linen fabrics worn open over swimsuits; white shirts in silky pyjama material. My current pregnancy favourite? White shirts stolen from my husband and father's wardrobes, worn with a hairband and leggings."

Marie Kelly, Fashion Director


"Polo-necks have, and always will be, my go-to piece. I think my love for them began as a teenager when they helped hide the dodgy make-up line that my badly chosen foundation inevitably created. But they also instantly made me feel both chic and cocooned. I have a selection of styles and colours that I pull out every winter; slim-fitting knitted polos from Zara that showcase my waist beautifully — this has always been the smallest part of me — and chunkier versions like this Victoria Beckham knit, which I like to think is subtly sexy because of its boyish, oversized vibe. To me, a polo-neck is classically chic... Audrey Hepburn wore them often and Marilyn Monroe never looked more beautiful than when she appeared on the cover of LIFE Magazine in the 1950s wearing a black cashmere polo-neck sweater. Nothing makes me feel more "at home" sartorially speaking than a textured polo-neck."

Olga Duffy, Advertising Manager

"So, my Jaeger long camel coat is my favourite key piece in my wardrobe. I can put it on and I am instantly dressed, even when I am not feeling as confident about the rest of my outfit. This coat just makes me feel ready to take on anything. I spotted this coat on a rail in A Store is Born on Clarendon Street about two years ago, the amazing owner of the store told me all the history of the coat and I fell in love. It is vintage from around 1984 and 50% wool, 50% cashmere and a STEAL at €120. I was sold! I think it is my favourite piece of clothing I have ever bought and continues to go with everything I wear and I look forward to each year when it starts getting a little chilly in the evening so I can bring "the coat" back out."


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