Zara does autumn better than anyone else, here are 10 pieces we love

I have a confession. A confession I’m not exactly proud of, but I’m deeply obsessed with Zara. Zara's website showcases the most impeccable styling you simply can’t argue with. Sorry, but they just do it right.

Zara online is where this weakness of mine begins and ends. Their in-store experience is nothing but messy rails and too many crowds. Yet, when I find myself endlessly scrolling their online site, all I want to do is rush to the store (I've never been an online shopper). Strolling down Dublin's Henry street one early morning last week, I found my very-bold self stumbling into the high-street retailer. In a brief moment, excitement brew (maybe because it was empty) and I came to the realisation that autumn is in Zara.

Between my desire for rustic knitted sweaters, boyish corduroy co-ords, orange shearling jackets, and warming teddy bear coats, I didn't think I could escape without spending all my money. There’s just something about a cosy knit in crispy weather that can make a statement like no other. Autumn dressing for me is a weakness; and for as long as I can remember, so is Zara. So before the greediness got too much and I debated swiping my sad, overused debit card, I bit my lip and walked out with my head held high, kinda.

Outside of Zara, I am a strong supporter of sustainable shopping. And honestly, I do care about ethical dressing, but there I was, in Zara, getting completely carried away and willing to spend all my (minute) earnings. Honestly, I wanted it all. But what does a girl to do who wants to dress consciously but loves Zara as much as I do. Did you know Zara has its own sustainable line, Join Life? After walking away from an almost relapse, I did some research on what this alternative offering could do for me. Between plain black tees, white shirt dresses and mid-rise jeans, I concluded that Join Life is fantastic for basics. I'm not ready to give up on graphic prints and bohemian botanicals, but what I can do is buy fewer pieces. A walk-in closet that's even slightly similar to Zara's chaotic fitting room with clothes strewn everywhere is the last thing you want.

Not everything in your wardrobe has to be a "sustainable" piece as long as you get creative with your styling - take inspiration from Zara's website - and get longevity from each item you buy. You don't need to part with some of your previous killer finds. The sustainability lies within the recreation, reinventing and restyling of your pieces - so get creative!


Check out my edit below on These are pieces you can match with any basic or more eclectic separates if you use your imagination. But I'll forewarn you, these outfits are drool-worthy; so be sure not to go all out. Bite your lip and close the tab; really, it's just that easy.

Bohemian Botanicals

Printed dress with embroidery, €69.95 


Double-breasted corduroy coat, €89.95


Teddy Bear Coat

Faux fur coat, €99.95

A Good Knit

Colour-block cable-knit sweater, €49.95

Retro Vibes


Faux snakeskin biker jacket, €69.95

An Essential Rain Coat

Leopard print semi-sheer raincoat, €39.95



Limited edition cashmere coat, €249.00

Print Mania

Jacquard trousers, €39.95

Disney Theme

Disney's The Muppets© Miss Piggy sweatshirt, €29.95


Animal Print

Oversized blazer in zebra print jacquard, €69.95

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