If You Invest In One Thing This Summer, Make It The Boiler Suit

I can feel my grandmother turning in her grave at the idea that boiler suits are?en Vogue.?I can hear her preaching, "What ever happened to pretty little dresses?". Well, grandmother, those days are gone, and modern women are chasing clothes that are comfortable enough to carry us through?the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, and trends that disrupt?the sacred masculine-feminine divide.

Boiler suits are having a moment. Once a garment sported by mechanics and quirky art students, they now have?the celebrity seal of approval, appearing in our favourite high street shops and social feeds.

Are boiler suits just like jumpsuits? Yes, my friend, they are. Except, boiler suits tend to have a'more industrial hit off?them. Jumpsuits offer a'softer, more playful silhouette. They shouldn't be confused with rompers, though, which are shorter versions of both boiler suits and jumpsuits (not to make matters more confusing).

Boiler suit inspiration at this year's Fashion Weeks

Just like when Cinderella found her glass slipper, you'll know when you find the perfect B-suit. It will sit comfortably on your body - not too tight and not too loose - hug your frame nicely but give you enough room to manoeuvre throughout the day.


Unlike rompers, boiler suits come in a variety of mid- and longer lengths, which are perfect for wearing year-round.?Bonus points for those?with turn-ups. Or wide legs. Or both.

Playing on the industrial theme, these all-in-one's usually come clad with buckles and clasping mechanisms, giving them a raw and urban feel. Not to mention they're perfect for carrying around any?tools and gadgets. And elasticated waistbands mean that if you fluctuate in size, so too can your boiler suit. Winning.

Now that you have all the knowledge you need, all that's left to do is find your perfect boiler suit, but to make the quest even easier I've compiled our favourites in the gallery above. Oh, and next time you see a Dublin City Council worker, give 'em your sartorial'seal of approval; they're sporting this season's most-wanted look.

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