How to wear in your 20s and 40s: A statement jumpsuit

Though there are almost 20 years between fashion director Marie Kelly and me, we're sartorial soulmates as she so eloquently put it a little while back. We're consistently drawn to the same clothes, and although we have very different personal styles, we're always excited and enthused by how the other puts together an outfit. Call it mind-reading or a sixth sense, more often than not we arrive at the IMAGE offices sporting similar looks, albeit styled with our own, unique flair.

Jumpsuits are having a moment again, and this was obvious today when we both arrived wearing our newly bought purchases. Once a garment sported by mechanics and quirky art students, jumpsuits now have the celebrity seal of approval, appearing in our favourite high street shops, global designer campaigns and social feeds. Modern women are chasing clothes that are comfortable enough to carry them through the hustle of everyday life, as well as trends that have longevity.

Just to clarify, jumpsuits tend to be soft with playful silhouettes, while boilersuits have a more industrial feel. They shouldn't be confused with rompers, though, which are shorter versions of both boilersuits and jumpsuits (not to make matters more confusing). Unlike rompers, jumpsuits come in a variety of mid- and longer lengths and are perfect for wearing year-round. Bonus points for stylish jumpsuits with turn-ups. Or wide legs. Or both. In a never-ending quest to find the perfect one, Marie and I are pretty thrilled with our high-street and internet finds.

How Marie styles her jumpsuit

I feel like an original Charlie's Angel in this indigo denim jumpsuit. It's the perfect style for my body shape because it emphasises my waist, which is the smallest part of me. The wide leg balances perfectly with the proportions of my shoulders, so my silhouette looks evenly balanced. If this jumpsuit was a skinny leg, I wouldn't touch it. Although I can't pretend this is the easiest piece to wear (there's a bit of wiggling and slithering getting in and out of it), once it's on, it's so comfortable (the denim is soft and has stretch) and it makes its own statement. I keep accessories to a minimum so that the jumpsuit is the star of the show. I picked up this piece in Mango in London, and at €69.95 it was a brilliant buy; smart and sophisticated but with a cool retro feel. In summer, I like to wear it with an open-toe shoe for a pop of colour. In winter, I style this jumpsuit over a polo-neck and a pair of suede boots... Sabrina, Jill and Kelly eat our heart out!


Belted denim jumpsuit, €69.95 at

How I style my jumpsuit

V-neck jumpsuit, €40 at

V-neck jumpsuit, €40 at

I've been on a never-ending quest to find the perfect jumpsuit of late and, finally, I've found it! This dotty jumpsuit is a recent (and my very first!) purchase from, the online clothing shop that's similar in style to Topshop but at an Asos pricepoint. I chose this option for a number of reasons: I'm obsessed with V-necks and love how it helps to give shape to my petite frame. The belted waist gives me the option to wear the jumpsuit loose-fitting and relaxed, or more structured and formal. I also have the option to swap out the tie-belt for my own. The wide leg is extremely comfortable for hot days in the office and the light cotton-denim-blend material is breathable. Lastly, and very importantly, it has pockets for all my bits! To dotty-it-up even further, I paired it with matching polka-dot mesh socks and simple wooden Prada sandals. The hint of silver on the sandals takes the whole ensemble from "I'm painting in a studio somewhere" to dinner and drinks at a chic city restaurant. Simple, layered gold necklaces and a gold ring or two complete this look and give it a very Scandi feel.

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