How to wear a suit for every occasion, as seen on Instagram

There’s something so perfectly feminine about a woman in a man’s suit. It’s the certified way to instantly look sharp with minimal effort. Whether you’re gearing towards trouser suits, or swapping your slacks for skirts, this chic trend is both unapologetically bold and ultra-feminine.

The key to pulling-off a suit for every occasion is to play with colour, fabric, styling, and of course, fit. It’s not just about wearing a plain black blazer with a pair of dark-wash jeans and a white buttoned blouse (what a bore). Style up your traditional pantsuit by wearing it with a colourful paisley blouse, throwing on some edgy accessories, and wearing a pointed heel for a more feminine touch. For brunch, make it casual by swapping out your satin blouse for a slogan T-shirt.

When dressing up for a night on the town, a cropped pair of trousers allows for an optic white mule opportunity. And as for underneath? Ideally, nothing. Dress your bare neck in chained necklaces instead. If you’re suiting up for the office, opt for '80s-inspired checkered fabrics and a high-neck blouse.

Don’t be afraid to play around with proportions and peculiar designs; it’s a trend that’s all about experimentation and self-expression. Get inspired with these fresh ways to style your suit for every occasion - from breakfast, to the bar.

For A City Break Getaway:


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For Work:

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For Brunch:

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A Night Out On The Town:

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A Girl's Weekend Away:

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For Confirmation/Communion Season:

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