How To Nail Monochrome

Monochrome is commonly known and worn as an ensemble of black and white, this being the fashion meaning it has taken. And let's face it, it's the chicest look around, it always works and it's delightfully timeless.?For a lesson in how to always look effortlessly sophisticated, monochrome is where it's at.

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Quite literally, however, monochrome'means one colour, so let's explore how to make real monochrome work in fashion.


For some, wearing one colour from head to toe is considered a brave move.?The first step is to choose a colour that suits you, don't go for orange or pale pink if you have extremely pale skin, for example. Once you have the right colour, it's important to be smart with your choice of clothing. The best way to start is by mixing different textures together; don't be scared, it will give wonderful depth to your outfit!

The second piece of key advice here is?to stick to one shade of the colour you have chosen, to give your outfit more of an impact and statement.

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