How To Look Amazing In Neutrals

It takes a real understanding of clothes - of cut, shape and texture - to pull off head-to-toe neutrals. Here is some inspiration from the stars of the street.

The mix of textures and detailing elevates this outfit from one that could merely look ordinary to extraordinary. The patent leather baggy trousers make a huge statement, but they don't overwhelm the other elements of this look because such a strong attention to detail has been paid to each piece - the button detailing on the sweater, the knot handle of the clutch and the textured sandals with sculptural heels all demand your attention too.

Black, white and denim could so easily look generic. But not here. The cold-shoulder detailing of the top adds individuality to this look, and the slightly loose, overlong legs of the trousers add a luxury feel, which balances out the utilitarian vibe?of the denim jacket. The white pom pom is a nice textural touch.


This stylish lady has used clever cuts to add interest to her outfit. The cocoon-shaped, asymmetric skirt and neat, cropped jacket work really well together because they create a strong contrast. There's also plenty of texture in the skirt and top, which adds depth to the whole look.

Linda Fargo never puts a sartorial foot wrong. This outfit is so chic but relaxed too. It looks like something I'd never want to take off. Again, the trick to pairing varying shades of biscuit and beige is to play with texture. She's also kept the silhouette uncomplicated, which works when there's enough texture at play to bring definition.

A white shirt and navy skirt could so easily look a little like a school uniform, but not in this case. The voluminous shirt sleeves make this piece anything but generic, while the navy skirt has plenty of gorgeous but subtle detailing to elevate it.

A masculine leather trench coat is juxtaposed here with a pretty lace dress for maximum effect. Again, it's this mix of textures that makes this outfit interesting rather than bland.


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