Heading To EP? Waterproof Your Festival Look From Head To Toe

Electric Picnic is finally here! (Hallelujah), but, not to put a dampener on things, the weather is expected to be less sun and more run-for-cover. With our temperamental?climate, you'd get the impression that we would be used to dressing for all weather types, but, alas, we're not. Streaky tan runs rampant, bouncy curls become soggy and flat, and how did your lashes end up there?? Avoid being miserable this weekend and stock up on these few essentials to ensure you're waterproof form head-to-toe.

The hair

want to leave your locks down but afraid you'll be more Monica from Friends and less Gigi Hadid? Give your tresses a spritz of sea-salt spray before leaving the house. Sea-salt spray will keep your locks textured and fresh, and if you're rained on, it will revive your hair for that perfect day 2 at the?beach look - effortlessly. Try Toni & Guy's Sea Salt Texturising Spray, €11.68.



The face

Shiseido's UV Protection Liquid Foundation SPF, €36, is both ultra light and waterproof; meaning you don't have to worry about fixing or reapplying. Less time fussing, more time dancing.

UV protection liquid foundation SPF, €36, available at Arnotts

For lips that won't bleed or transfer unwantedly onto teeth, try Urban Decay's 'Vice' will power through the day and night, even if you haven't. Find one of 20+ shades in the Urban Decay store on Grafton Street for under €15.

Wet n Wild's Icon Glitter Eye Shadow in 'Groupie' is an inexpensive way to enjoy and try out the?glitter trend. The glitter gel is formulated with aloe and coconut oils meaning it's waterproof and light and comfortable to wear. And even though it's a gel, it has the same intensity as loose glitter. Oh, and it's less than €5.


Set your look with a setting-spray so that when the downpour does happen, you will still look your damn best. We love the NYX setting spray. The myth goes that you can jump head-first into a swimming pool and come out looking better than ever*

*Don't quote us on that.

Find the NYX setting spray for €10 at Boots

The body

It's rather miserable to be soaking wet and cold, isn't it? These 'pack-a-mac' raincoats from Dunnes Stores are the perfect option for when you want to stay dry but are not prepared to fork out. At €10, and in a range of cute colours, they're perfect and practical!


Pack-a-mac raincoat, Dunnes Stores, €10

If you're looking for something more glamorous, 9 Crows in Temple Bar have a selection of vintage and stand-out rain coats and macs to carry you through festival season.

Bubblegum rain poncho, €32.00

If you're really worried about the weather, sports towels are a great way to discretely keep dry throughout the day. Microfibre towels absorb more water and are lightweight and small - small enough to fit into your makeup bag almost. Penney's stock a large variety of microfiber sports towels ranging from small to extra large from €5.

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