A Guide To Summer Dresses For The Girl Who Hates Summer Dresses

You know the drill: the sun comes out and so do the florals, closely followed by a frantic application of fake tan and a trip to the salon for an emergency pedi. Naturally, when you're not a dress kind of girl, panic ensues, along with a fresh serving of fashion FOMO.

The good news? Not all summer dresses call for you to channel your inner fairytale muse. Add a little creativity to the process and the trend is yours for the taking. Who ever said fashion wasn't inclusive?

Take some street style inspiration below...

Smart Trainers


The quickest way to dial down the feminine nature of a summer dress is to slip on a pair of chic trainers. If the Gucci pair above?is too pricey, look to Topshop, French Connection, and Whistles for stylish alternatives.

Laws of Distraction

If you're not excited about wearing a dress, it probably seems ridiculous to draw more attention to it with a bold feature. But you know what they say, go big or go home. By incorporating another trend, whether it's ruffles, bold sleeves or bright colours, you'll distract yourself from the dress itself and focus on the features.


This is undoubtedly?the number one fool-proof way of wearing a summer dress when you hate dresses. Stick with masculine shapes such as boxy shirts and loose-fitting silhouettes, topped off with trusty trainers. If you're still not convinced, throw on a pair of ankle-grazing jeans and smart heels.



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