Transform Your Humble Abode Into An Opulent Manor With Gucci's Decor New Collection

Tired of seeing an endless sea of Gucci belts and bags on Instagram? Well, hold onto your millennial-hating hats because life is about to get a whole lot more Gucci: the colossal?brand announced on their Instagram yesterday that they are venturing into the world of decor this autumn so that your beloved home can look like the inside of a Gucci store.... how very Gucci of them.

Much like Alessandro Michele's bold clothing collection, the decor features impressive and intricate motifs, luxurious velvet, plush, opulent hardwood, decadent paint, and fine handcraftsmanship; much reflecting the catwalk we collections we see on the runway.



The full collection features a selection of cushions, chairs, table trays, folding tables, a range of wallpapers in a mix of textures and prints, scented candles, wall dividers (because it wouldn't be like Alessandro not to throw a touch of Renaissance into the mix) and porcelain ornaments - which are produced by Richard?Ginori, a?Florentine company founded in 1735. Decadent prints feature illustrations by?Alex Merry Art?as well as Gucci's signature snake motifs and red and green colourway.

Is this what happens when brands have mastered the retail industry? It?would appear so; considering Fendi, Armani, Ralph?Lauren, Herm's,?Dior?- and now Gucci - have all taken the leap into?the alluring realm of interior design. Maybe it's a strategic move by design houses to bridge the gap between one's wardrobe and one's home to create the ultimate package in luxury living?

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The retail prices are not yet known but Gucci has said on its Instagram that the full collection is due to be available online from September. If Gucci is not your thing, you can join the queue of people waiting for Chanel announce their interior collection.

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