The best graduation outfits on the internet right now

Graduation season is upon us, and with that comes the inevitable rush to find the perfect outfit. I panicked the week before my own ceremony and bought an ensemble so far removed from my personal style, I had to ask my mother would it be acceptable to wear 'jeans and a nice top'.  Not only this, I took the executive decision to wear heels so high that instead of enjoying my day I focused solely on trying not to fall flat on my face. So your choice of outfit is imperative.

Many will say that it doesn't matter what you wear because the gown will envelop the outfit - ignore this. You only graduate once (or three times like me) and the feeling is naturally to want to look your best.

Midi dresses, skirts, jumpsuits and tailored suits work best as graduation outfits. As the majority of graduation gowns are black, a pop of colour is always a welcome appearance underneath the draping. The day is long and you'll be standing around a lot, which means comfort is key. But you also need a style that can take you from day to night. The graduation ceremony activities are usually followed by a dinner, drinks and a full-blown night out, so the outfit you choose will have to withstand whatever the day may spill or throw at you.

Here at IMAGE headquarters, we scoured the internet to find outfits that will work their hardest for you on your graduation day and compiled the very best below.


Velvet belted midi dress €52 @ Topshop

Green cowl neck jumpsuit €75 @ River Island

Crinkle velvet suit €68 @ Topshop

Heart print midi dress €49.95 @ Zara


ASOS Design metallic suit €138.25 @ Asos

Sequin dress €79.95 @ Zara

ASOS Design polka dot dress  €62.21 @Asos


ASOS DESIGN pleated velvet Bardot dress €62.21 @ Asos

ASOS Design jumpsuit  €58.07 @ Asos

ASOS Design yellow and green check suit €114.75 @ Asos

Dawn dress €165 @ Ghost


C/MEO COLLECTIVE silhouette midi dress   €169 @ Fashion Bunker 

Kirsten dress  €295 @ Stine Goya

Tara all-star dress €337 @ Rixo






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