27 Dangly, Sparkly Earrings To Love

Long earrings are one of the best accessories you could ask for; they can be used to revive so many different things. Coming in all shapes?and sizes, you can choose to go full-on?big and down to your shoulders or keep it subtle with something smaller.

Long earrings can really be the center of your outfit; they also elongate your neck. Whether it's to add a little spice to your daily look or to wear on a night out, you will find a pair that will suit every occasion. From colourful geometric shapes, which are making a big comeback, to simple, long, dangly pendants, you can be sure these earrings will add pop to an otherwise plain ensemble.

What's also become popular is to wear?one single long earring paired with a simple stud earring. It might seem strange, but it can bring quite a bit of character; choose one extravagant earring and?have fun.

They're also a must for all manner of sleek?up-dos.


We have gathered some sparkly bits and pieces?for you to browse?through; for every imaginable budget. Enjoy!

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