Gloria Steinem And Anna Kendrick In New Kate Spade Campaign

Kate Spade's advertising campaign of late is one of the most charming in the business. From Karlie Kloss and Iris Apfel enjoying Manhattan park life to Anna Kendrick and her shopping bags getting all frazzled on the steps of brownstones, it's like the fashion brand is gearing us up for the best dressed Women's Movie of all time. The charisma is at International Space Station levels.

Yesterday, all that got knocked out of the park?with the latest short video from Kate Spade ticking all the pre-seasonal boxes. Mainly because it features two amazing and intelligent women enjoying fashion.

Anna Kendrick, the Twitter account of our generation, and Gloria Steinem, feminist heroine and fabulous woman in general, making pals and hocking cute accessories and notebooks? A cute dog in an adorable leather bag? The sumptuous setting of the Russian Tea Room? A silly yet covetable glitter gnome crush? We're sold. We're checking the bank balance. We're ignoring the bank balance.

Have a watch of the short film below.


And there's even a follow-up interview with Ms. Steinem talking about her career and writing. We're in a swooning mood today, so watch out, and catch us if you can.

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