Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci Collaborates With Nike

If there are two things that are more relevant now than ever in the world of fashion, it's sportswear (or leisurewear, if you're one of those fancy types) and Givenchy (we can thank Beyonce's Formation hit for that). This summer, two of our favourite things come together once more for a collaboration like no other and one that bolster's the unwavering trend of taking your designer sportswear as seriously as you do all else in your wardrobe. What with Kylie and Rihanna's respective Puma collabs, among many others, the days of baggy, holy, ex-boyfriends' t-shirts and camel-toe enhancing leggings, complete with dirty trainers are dead and gone. In fact given the choice on a day off, most of us would prefer to slip into something that's both sporty and chic because jeans could never be as comfortable.

As music to our ears, word on the sartorial vine says Givenchy's creative director Riccardo Tisci will come across with a full range of sportswear this summer, for which he partnered up with Nike. This marks the second time the brands have joined heads, however the first time only saw them focus on footwear, while this time around we can expect a whole lot more. It will be called NikeLab x RT: Training Redefined, it will debut in July and you can look forward to everything from leggings to cropped t-shirts, caps, tights, celeb-inspired logo tees and plenty more to satisfy the sporty section of your wardrobe. Both men and women will be catered to.

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Beyond the types of items you'd normally find inside a gym, what's really interesting here is the introduction of a skirt. Commenting on designer's interpretation of sportswear, Jarrett Reynolds, senior design director at NikeLab Apparel tells Refinery29, "Originally, the skirt is something [Nike] wasn't interested in doing, because we wanted to make sure it had a trainable, performance component, and Ricccardo challenged us to figure out a way to make it."


We're well passed the point of performance in 2016; your sportswear is as good an expression of your sartorial leaning as your Sunday best was twenty years ago.

Though the pricing has yet to be released, we're told there will be some more accessible items, among which a logo T will be included: "The first time Nike worked with Riccardo, there was a sort of promo logo tee; it went on sale, but in super, super-limited numbers, and it sold out. Riccardo and I both wanted to put out this T-shirt again for kids who couldn't get it the first time; it's probably the most accessible piece in the collection." explains Reynolds.

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