Gallery: The Best of NYFW Street Style

Remember a few weeks ago we developed very jealous feelings towards the women dominating Parisian street style shots during the French capital's couture week? Well, now the Americans are at it. As Fashion Week took over New York - claims it brings more money to the city than the Super Bowl - the photographers were out, as were the fashion industry butterflies flexing their snappable wardrobes. (See out photo gallery above for some of our top picks.)

Blogger superstar Susie Bubble and eternal brand ambassador Olivia Palermo are among the attendees attending shows. We love Palermo's forest green coat, while Susie keeps her eclectic flag flying.


Perhaps it's because New York Fashion Week occurs at the end of the winter freeze, or maybe it's because Manhattan is inherently fabulous, but the coats at NYFW are always impeccable. This print coat is our favourite of the bunch.


As regards accesories, the weather and the fact the shows are a-happening all over the island means that shoes can't exactly be crazy impractical. However, some people do try.

Meanwhile, our Rosie McMeel is over in New York for Fashion Week and has been sending us the occasional telegram as she rushes between shows.

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