Gallery: Street Style From Paris

Dare we say it, but street style is has become almost boring in the past few years. When it first dawned we loved the shouting personalities dressed acorss blogs like The Sartorialist. We took inspiration from the early mavericks of Lookbook. Now all those reels of girls posing in cobbled streets with a nonchalant handbag hanging off elbows is repetitve. It's peacocking, but no one is standing out, despite the savvy SEO and photographer boyfriend behind-the-scenes. However, there is always Paris. The French capital is a good tonic for the fashion soul, and Parisian street style is a different beast entirely compared to the crowds that swarm outside Somerset House for London Fashion Week.

We picked some of the looks and accessories that have caught our Pinteresting eyes.

First up, the shoes. We love a dramatic, and wearable, heel. And maybe yellow boots aren't as scary as they sound?


Can we have a drum roll for the handbags? Structured and simple models reign supreme in the chic capital.

And our favourite looks of all? The facial expressions that said "Of course I belong here."


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