Gallery: JLO's (Ageless) Best Fashion Moments

Jennifer Lopez is one of those women that we just can't stop looking at. Seriously. The multi-talented megastar turned 46 yesterday (yes, 46! We can't believe it either), and just because she's had so many standout fashion moments, we've put a few of our favourites together in her honour.

Save for a few outfit mishaps during her breakout 90s era, she usually manages to pull out a fairly flawless outfit no matter what the occasion might be. And we know she has a stylist and oodles of help when it comes to looking good, but still, she is one of the few stars that we think actually looks better now than when they she was her younger self. We would definitely like some of JLO's secrets because we're fairly sure she never ages.

JLO?often makes the headlines for her ever-changing romances (this makes us sad as we love some of her catchy tunes and cheesy rom-com films) but ever since that Versace dress in 2001, she's proved that she's a force to be reckoned with on the red carpet.

She made her comeback as she hit 40 when her poptastic song On The Floor topped charts around the globe, and we think she's never looked better. She's chic, stylish and can do old Hollywood glamour to casual trends quite unlike any other. This is one star's wardrobe we'd kill to raid.


Check out some of her best fashion moments in the gallery above.

Do you have a favourite JLO look?

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