We've Found THE Best Place To Get The Perfect One-Piece Swimsuit

For many long, unhappy years it felt like the hunt for the perfect one-piece would never end...

I always felt the one-piece swimsuit was?treated like something of a beachwear cop out, the implication being that the one-piece's sole purpose was to hide so-called problem areas (Sidenote: Does this phrase give anyone else rage?) and therefore the choices on the high street seemed a bit limited.

Enter highstreet heavyweight, &Other Stories and our one-piece-lovin' hearts can finally rejoice. Here're five takes on the all-in-one, from the classic to the edgy, that will suit every taste and shape.

Nautical Number


Sometimes I find I get stripe-fatigue when summer hits but the classics are classic because they work. These two styles are a nice undemanding option, perfect for running?around after the kids or a sipping poolside cocktail.

Red stripe swimsuit,? €49 at &OtherStories

Blue stripe swimsuit,? €39 at &OtherStories

Print Paradise

A print can be daunting if you're unaccustomed to clothes that shout louder than you do when jumping into the pool. The nice thing about this print is it's large which generally works well on all body types and the cute detailing at the shoulder and hip draws the eye away from the bits you may not be feeling as confident about.


Patterned swimsuit,? €59 at &OtherStories

Eye-catching Colour

This tomato red is crazy flattering on the paler of the species, I can personally vouch for this as I am?roughly the shade of one of those ailing Victorian?ladies who are confined to the bed forever shouting for their smelling salts. Also the plunging neck gives the impression of a bust if you feel you're lacking in that area, as I am.

Swimsuit,? €59 at &OtherStories

Classic Black


Black tends to work better with a bit of tan - think Sophia Loren doing a painfully chic beachside vibe, though obviously, Sophia Loren doing virtually anything is impossibly chic.

Swimsuit,? €59 at &OtherStories


Metallics are surprisingly flattering on pale skin and this 70s roller girl-inspired style is edgy without being overly revealing.

Silver swimsuit,? €49 at &OtherStories


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