French Dressing

When it comes to style, the French are hard to beat. Sure, Dublin might have its offbeat originality, London its street edge and New York its polish, but there's something about the quintessential Parisian girl that just makes everybody want to be her. She's understated, sexy and that little bit dark. Our reigning Gallic girl crush is Vogue Paris editor Emmanuelle Alt whose easy, almost messy, yet very put-together look is how we'll all want to dress this year. Look and learn, ladies...

The key is attitude: French women are never try-hard. They're very low-key with their makeup - just a tanned face, mascara and a hint of lippy. Of course chiselled cheekbones help a lot.

Find your uniform: Parisian women always look the same - and that can be a good thing. Emmanuelle's uniform du jour (a pair of skinny jeans, an artfully-draped shirt and some killer Ala?a heels) has been adopted by her entire editorial team.

Never be too perfect: Keep your hair a bit messy. Don't tuck your shirt in too evenly and scuff up your boots. If you want to look cool and laidback, you can't be too precise; it's not about looking like a magazine cover.

Invest in a tux jacket: The shape should be slouchy and masculine, but still feminine and sexy. Sharp shoulders look commanding and remember - push up your sleeves.


Avoid clashing prints: Streamlined shapes and monotone shades rules here. Nothing too fussy or ?look-at-me?. Your jewellery should also whisper, not clickty-clack or jingle-jangle.

Go easy on the crazy shoes: Platforms and chunky heels can ruin your silhouette - stick to classic courts or chic cutaway sandals.

IMAGE Contributing Editor Suzie Coen is one of Ireland's best known stylists and can spot a trend before it trends. Follow her @suzie_coen

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