Four ethical activewear brands you need to know about

Whether you’re already knee-deep in your healthy resolutions of eating greens, juicing everything and counting your steps; or you’re only overcoming you’re two week hangover, an extra kick to keep going (or get moving!) might be exactly what you need.

New Year’s resolutions bring a desire to do something good for your health, body and mind; it’s nothing extraordinary - but what if you could also reduce your impact on the planet while doing so? To be your healthiest self, make sure the clothes you’re wearing are also healthy for the earth. Since beginning 2019, I’ve been adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle where possible; and have been hunting for opportunities to reduce my wardrobe’s environmental impact. In the process, I stumbled across some simple, yet chic, ethical activewear brands I had to share with you.

So while working on your booty and keeping up the endorphins, look to combine both fashion and ethics, and check out my edit on ethical activewear brands that don’t cost the earth.



Girlfriend Collective focuses on humane manufacturing, meticulous design, and sustainable materials. The brand want to create a community of people who care about every step of the process.


WE-AR is the mantra 'I Am, or 'We Are', meaning all is one, describing the brand's ethos. They carefully select textiles for all their garments, including their organic yoga clothing.


Vyayama was founded with the intention of providing a natural alternative to synthetic yoga wear. The brand believes that the products they use should be held to the same standards for the planet as we hold for ourselves.



Sports Philosophy's activewear is made from carefully sourced materials that are breathable, UV-protective and piling-resistant. The brand is committed to fighting child labour through their own charity, the Freedom for Children Foundation - where part of their profits go.

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