'The Flamingo’ and five other poses everyone’s pulling on Instagram

Instagram poses — you either go all in or avoid completely. If you're looking for the on-trend way to show off your OOTD, here's your go-to guide.

Welcome to Form School 101.

Instagram OOTDs: love them or loathe them, everyone is taking them. Even if you're not indulging in some solo selfie action, chances are you're continuously being roped into some group pictures pre-night out.

It might seem a little indulgent, but knowing and practising your best angles can help limit the often unavoidable deer-in-the-headlights scenario. Hopefully, we've progressed beyond the default 'awkward teapot' pose when a camera is raised in front of our faces, but the Instagram pros seem to be getting more and more daring with their go-to moves.

Maybe a mirror selfie is your jam, or maybe you've got the nonchalant, windswept shot down to a T: but maybe, just maybe, you're ready to join the Instagram major leagues.


Fake it 'til you make it, as they say.

The Flamingo

Recently coined by Cosmopolitan, The Flamingo is seemingly the stance of the moment. From Beyonce to Kendall Jenner, the A-listers are all at it, and it's steadily trickling down into a discover page near you. Inspired by the campiest bird you know (and perhaps taking influence from this year's Met Gala theme) the pose simply involves crossing one leg at an elevated angle.

The Bambi

As per the Elle Magazine writer who first noticed this trend, "if simply reclining, sitting upright, or squatting down feels tired, it's probably because everyone is now arranging themselves – thighs over calves – in Bambi Pose."


Think to position yourself like a doe-eyed baby fawn, but of course, still managing to showcase all the best elements of your outfit.

The Street Squat

If you're fluent in streetwear, you'll likely have seen this too-cool-for-school pose on the edgy models, influencers and rappers that you follow. Essentially, it involves borderline sitting on the ground (for the sake of the shot) but usually keeping one leg stretched out further to draw attention to some limited edition footwear drop you probably missed.


The Sink Selfie

One way to put those yoga classes to good use. Caution: warm-up stretches may be required.

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I did clean the sink after this 🧚🏻‍♀️

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The Street Star Pose

Who knew walking and simultaneously having your photo taken could be this difficult? Don't be fooled by nonchalant Instagram stars: mastering the art of the 'moving' shot while not forgetting about your facial pose is no mean feat.


The Coy Pose

Forget handbags, shoes or sunglasses – don't forget that sometimes the best prop is your own hand. To pull off an alluring, coquettish vibe, just prob your chin in your palm and give 'em the glad eyes.


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