Five of the best jewellery brands to shop for under €200

In all of my 24 years, I have never been a jewellery person. I remain safe in my pursuits with my three trusty rings, my watch and my gold hoops. The hoops have, over time, become my staple accessory; evolving and getting bigger as my style developed. As they always say, the bigger the hoop... the better.

However, I am trying to broaden my horizons on the jewellery front because when done right, jewellery can elevate an outfit. There are those on Instagram who effortlessly stack their rings and layer their necklaces with ease, but unfortunately, when I do the same, I look like a cluttered shelf. Nevertheless, I said I would persevere and face my fear.

On my journey to the bejewelled Holyland, I was delighted to discover that there is an array of jewellery brands out there that won't break the bank but are still of high quality. And that means I can be adorned like the Queen of Sheba but still keep Bank of Ireland relatively happy.

Here are five of my top picks:

1. Edge of Ember


Beautiful jewellery with a sustainable mission, Edge of Ember is a brand I mentioned in the most recent Smart Casual episode and for good reason. From delicate fine jewellery to beautiful stacking rings, it's easy-to-wear accessories at their best, and all at an attainable price point. Not only this, Edge of Ember commits to ethical brand practices, meaning they use sustainable raw materials where possible and advocate for safe working environments for their workers. This is a brand we can definitely get on board with.


2. Th-ty Studio

Th-ty jewellery is a limited edition collection of jewels that are released on the third day of every month, meaning no pieces are ever the same, giving you a wide range of unique accessories. The prices are affordable too, with no piece going over €100, showing that special pieces don't have to possess a hefty price tag.


3. Valet

Gold, rose gold, and silver jewellery will always be staples in every collection but every once in a while, a more abstract piece is needed to add that certain something. Based in Sydney, Australia Valet creates vintage style jewellery and hair clips that will make all of your Pretty in Pink '80s nostalgia dreams come true. Available now on Net-A-Porter


4. Maria Black

Danish jewellery designer Maria Black strives to create fashion-forward pieces with a functional aesthetic. The pieces, which are crafted in her Copenhagen studio, are a mix of London edge and Scandinavian simplicity through her use of interchangeable metals and diamonds.




Loved by Instagram, London based brand DAPHiNE is picture perfection. This collection is made up of simple, chic, easy-to-wear pieces that are made to go with everything. My personal favourites include the Oli ring and Moune bangles.

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